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Counseling (MA or MEd)

The Counseling Program provides professionals with theoretical frameworks and competencies that prepare them to provide counseling services.  There are three degree concentrations within the program: clinical mental health counseling, college student development, and  school counseling.  The concentrations in clinical mental health counseling and school counseling integrate Illinois state requirements for licensure, and all concentrations meet national standards for professional practice.  School counseling and college student development programs are 72 credit hours, and the clinical mental health counseling program is 90 credit hours.  All concentrations include a 100 hour practicum and 600 hour internship.  These clinical experiences are mandatory, and for the school counseling and clinical mental health counseling concentrations, they are required by the state for licensure.  A degree from this program prepares students for career opportunities such as school counseling in elementary, middle, and high schools; counseling in community agencies; counseling in higher education; career counseling through the lifespan; counseling in hospitals or institutional-care settings; group counseling; couples and family counseling; or counseling in private practice, depending upon the chosen concentration.  All of the concentrations emphasize and are designed to foster leadership, advocacy, and social justice. 

The MA degree in Counseling requires the successful completion of a Thesis.


The Counseling program has three concentrations:

  • Concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Concentration in College Student Development
  • Concentration in School Counseling

School Counseling Licensure Option

The Counseling program’s School Counseling concentration is an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved program for the Illinois Professional Educator License with and endorsement in School Counseling.

LPC Licensure Information

The State of Illinois requires that those who wish to work as a counselor have licensure as either a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or an advanced Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). The Counseling program’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration meets the educational requirements for the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  However, there are further requirements that must be met according to state regulations.  For more information, contact the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in Springfield, Illinois.
Degree Requirements
(College Student Development or School Counseling) (MA or MEd)

72 hours
   Total hours required    72 hours

Degree Requirements (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) (MA or MEd)
90 hours
   Total hours required    90 hours