Criteria for admission to the TEACH Program

During Junior Year

  • Junior standing (88 or more credit hours)
  • Declared, relevant LAS major
  • Completion of at least 16 credit hours here at DePaul
  • Completion of TCH 320 (JYEL course)
  • Overall gpa of 3.0

Application process

  • Submit a completed COE application form
  • Submit DePaul University unofficial transcripts
  • Submit two letters of recommendation  (at least one from a faculty member in disciplinary major)
  • Submit a 750-word essay on teaching interests and goals    

A subcommittee of the Program’s Coordinating Committee with expertise in the student’s undergraduate disciplinary major reviews all applications. Upon acceptance to the Program, students will be notified via email and letter and assigned a CSH disciplinary advisor and COE academic advisor. 

Admission to the TEACH Program does not constitute admission to the 5th Year Master’s level coursework. 

Criteria for admission to 5th year Master’s year

Upon completion of undergraduate major program

  • Completion of undergraduate degree audit
  • Completion of TCH sequence and capstone coursework (during Senior Year)
  • Completion of ISBE Basic Skills Test or Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) (during Senior Year or earlier)
  • Completion of COE Technology skills assessment (EDU 025) (during Senior Year or earlier)
  • Maintenance of a 3.0 GPA