The academic programs within the College of Education have set forth these dispositions as educational and professional expectations for all students.  Students should be aware that failing to abide by DePaul University or College of Education policies including, under certain circumstances, these dispositions, could result in adverse consequences for the student, including removal from his or her program, the College of Education, or the University.
  • Values and is committed to a critical orientation toward understanding key theories and concepts in the foundations of education
  • Is receptive to faculty feedback and acts meaningfully and professionally upon suggestions
  • Understands the importance of and is committed to clear oral and written communication, both in traditional and in new and emerging digital formats
  • Demonstrates a willingness to engage course texts and requirements
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to and respect for diverse identities, cultures, and lived experiences
  • Demonstrates and advocates social justice principles in the classroom with students and colleagues and in clinical settings
  • Is committed to collaboration with colleagues, families, and communities in order to promote all students' learning and development
  • Recognizes and fulfills professional responsibilities and habits of conduct (e.g., dress, language, preparedness, attendance, punctuality, etc.)
  • Demonstrates collegiality, honesty, good judgment, courtesy, respect, and diplomacy in relationships with student colleagues and faculty 

Degree Conferral and Graduation

The awarding of a degree is not automatic. You must submit an application to be considered for the degree. DePaul awards and posts degrees at the end of each regular academic term (autumn, winter, spring, summer).

It is your responsibility to initiate the degree conferral application process by submitting an online application.  Submitting an application means you intend to finish your degree requirements by the end of the term for which you have applied.
Graduate students must be approved for student teaching and complete student teaching, seminar, and induction courses to be cleared for the degree.  Student must submit graduation application for the quarter you are completing the final course (student teaching is considered a course).
After you submit the application, you cannot register for any term after the one selected in the application.
To apply for degree conferral, log on to Campus Connection.  Select FOR STUDENTS, then GRADUATION, then APPLY FOR DEGREE CONFERRAL.  On screen instructions will take you through the application process.
Provided that all requirements and financial obligations are met, degrees are posted 30 days after the official end of the term. Official dates are listed on the Academic Calendar.
DePaul holds one commencement ceremony each year in June. If you intend to participate, you must first apply for degree conferral for the current academic year and then submit a cap and gown order.  Honors are not announced at the ceremony for undergraduates completing their final courses in spring quarter because a final GPA is not available at the time of the ceremony.
Additional information about degree conferral and graduation can be found on the College of Education website.