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Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership (MS) Online

The Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership program at DePaul seeks to provide a rich online learning environment that will facilitate the development of leaders in the areas of sport, fitness and recreation. Increasing content knowledge and developing leadership skills are essential outcomes of a graduate program. However, this program is based on a commitment to social justice, democracy, and critical engagement with ethical issues affecting students, clients and athletes.  Our program assists current professionals in reflecting on and strengthening their own practice and challenging themselves and their colleagues to work effectively for justice and professional excellence.

Students use critical reflection to improve practice, engage in rigorous theoretical inquiry, and identify, address, and build coalitions around opportunities and problems in sport, fitness and recreation. The Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership program is designed for current kinesiology professionals specifically working in sport, fitness or recreation environments such as university athletics departments, health clubs, recreation and fitness centers, high schools and athletics clubs or leagues.

Students will enhance their skills, leadership, and professionalism, have an increased awareness of current events and issues, build a professional network, create a personal ethics code specific to their professional goals and complete research specific to their field.

Current professionals in the sport, fitness, and recreation settings have demanding and unconventional schedules that routinely include evening and weekend commitments. Therefore, all coursework in this program will be offered online. Attendance at two on-campus summer seminars is required, ideally face-to-face but accommodations for virtual attendance may be made if necessary.

Degree Requirements 58 hours
   Total hours required    58 hours