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Teaching and Learning: World Language - French (MA or MEd)

The Department of Teacher Education prepares Urban Professional Multicultural Educators through an integrated program of courses and field experiences. Programs offered are designed for the preparation of future educators.  The programs of study center around our commitment to excellence in teaching in today’s diverse society through the investigation of significant educational issues, inquiry into student learning and effective teaching practices, and the use of technology in teaching and learning. We engage teacher candidates in critical reflection upon their practice throughout the program. We foster engagement in schools through our Partnership Schools and other school and agency affiliations. Upon completion of the program, teacher candidates measure themselves against the values of our guiding conceptual framework through the completion of professional portfolios. Values that are part of this framework include: commitment to social justice, critical pedagogy, and positive educational transformation within the context of a Vincentian personalism that honors the dignity of each person.   

Students entering the program must be able and willing to devote themselves to a program requiring a minimum of 100-110 hours of daytime field experiences in schools.  These school-based clinical hours are completed in conjunction with methodology courses that require students to spend daytime hours in schools.  In addition, the student must spend a minimum of 10 weeks in full-time student teaching.  

The program includes five distinctive features:

  1. Becoming a teacher is viewed as a developmental process continuing at least through the first year of teaching
  2. Multiculturalism is infused throughout the curriculum
  3. Field experiences are an integral part of the curriculum
  4. Students are exposed to a variety of educational theories
  5. The program includes a research component as a basis for further professional development.

Students lacking undergraduate requirements in the content area they will be teaching will have to complete those requirements prior to student teaching. Both a content area advisor and an academic advisor will guide candidates in planning their coursework.

The program in K-12 education prepares students to teach children in a variety of urban and suburban educational settings, including public and private elementary and high schools.  Students follow a general pattern of study for elementary and high school levels.   In all cases, appropriate field experience plays an integral role.  The program combines theoretical principles of education and field work with the student's choice of major.   Graduates earn the Master of Arts or Master of Education degree and are qualified for K-12 school licensure. Yet, not all graduates follow a career in teaching.  A number of DePaul graduates in World Language work in diverse settings such as museums, corporations, media, and the arts.  


Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement in Foreign Language French (kindergarten-grade 12), an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved program. 

​Degree Requirements (MA)                           
60 hours
   Total hours required    60 hours

​Degree Requirements (MEd)                           
56 hours
   Total hours required    56 hours