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U.S. Legal Studies (LLM)

The Master of Laws in U.S. Legal Studies is designed for students who received a first degree in law outside the United States and who wish to pursue advanced study in American law.  International lawyers will improve English language skills and gain a deep and sophisticated understanding of the U.S. legal system. 

The degree is flexible, allowing students to select a combination of core courses that give a strong foundation in American law.  Students complete a minimum of 24 credits and a maximum of 32 credits to earn the degree, with six credits of required foundational coursework.  

The degree is designed to give foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to meet the course requirements to sit for the bar exam in a select group of states. Successful completion of a bar exam is one of the requirements to receive a license to practice law in a U.S. jurisdiction.  


Core Requirements 9 hours
Elective Requirements 15 hours
   Total hours required    24 hours