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Actuarial Science (BSB)

​An actuary is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty. They interpret statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, death, and loss of property from theft and natural disasters. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially concerning risk management and insurance programs. Actuaries are considered the “financial architects” of the insurance world.

​Actuaries are in high demand and work for insurance companies, consulting and investment firms, government, employee benefit departments of large corporations, hospitals, and banks. The field is highly competitive and requires students to pass exams that lead to professional certification by the Society of Actuaries, the Casualty Actuarial Society and other accredited international societies. This program will equip students with the skills needed to pass at least two actuarial exams, which are the industry’s standard of gauging expertise for internships and employment, prior to graduation. We have structured our program around these milestones, enabling our students to gain internships in a timely manner and to graduate into full employment.

Business Core Requirements​ 68 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 80 hours
Major Requirements 44 hours
 Total hours required  192 hours