The General Management concentration is for the student who wants a broad sampling of the various management disciplines. If a student chooses to pursue this concentration, three courses totaling at least 12.0 hours must be taken.

Course Requirements

Three elective courses to be chosen from:

*If you take MGT 360-H as part of the Management Honors Program, you must take a different concentration course to satisfy the 12.0 hours required for the concentration.

Second Concentration

While a student may complete more than one Management concentration, at least 50% of the courses used for the completion of a second concentration must be unique to the completion of that concentration.

Global Business Perspective

If an ICS or MGT course is shared between Global Business Perspective and the Management major, additional hours of Open Elective credit are required.

Experiential Learning

Sharing of MGT 393 between Experiential Learning and major requirements may be possible; consult with academic advisor.

Graduation Requirements

All Management (MGT) and Business Law (BLW) courses, ICS 350, and any other courses used toward the Management major must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher.

MKT 352


An introduction to the various types of new products and services, and to the new product management process used by many firms to increase the likelihood of success while minimizing financial risk. Students will learn about new product conceptualization, development, and launch stages of the process, and be introduced to some of the tools and techniques employed in each. PREREQUISITE(S): MKT 202 & MKT 301
(MKT 202 or FIN 202 or MGT 202) and MKT 301 are a prerequisite for this class.

MKT 377


In the current business environment, companies are focusing their efforts on recruiting well-trained and refined sales professionals who generate substantial revenue. This course is designed to expose students to the energy, decorum, techniques and methods of superior selling sought after in today's business environment. Coursework will examine networking techniques and ways in which to identify high-potential opportunities. Application of techniques is crucial to learning this material; therefore students will be given the opportunity to implement learned techniques via real-world selling activity.

ICS 394


This course is an overview of strategic management applied to entrepreneurial enterprises. General business management problems integrating marketing, accounting, finance and management functions are analyzed from the perspective of the CEO or entrepreneur concerned with start-up and planning of a new venture. The case method is used in this course and real "live" cases may be analyzed. The entrepreneurial process is investigated, including entrepreneurial characteristics, trends in the small business sector of the global economy, start-up and growth strategies and nurturing creativity in organizations. Focus is placed on either a consulting project with a small business or community organization, which may require time outside of class for the project, or on case studies. PREREQUISITE(S): MGT 300, MKT 310, either FIN 290 or FIN 310 and Senior standing
(FIN 290 or FIN 310), MGT 300, MKT 310 and senior standing are a prerequisite for this class.

ECO 318


Historical and theoretical analysis of labor groups and labor market problems (including wage determination, unemployment and discrimination), with particular reference to the dynamic economy of the United States. PREREQUISITE(S): ECO 105, ECO 106 & MAT 130
ECO 105, ECO 106 and (MAT 130 or equivalent) are a prerequisite for this class.