The program in Management Information Systems is intended for undergraduate business students who plan to start their career as information systems professionals in either information technology producing industries or with the heavy users of such technologies. If they decide to take a minor in MIS, graduates will be able to function as liaisons representing their department or business function in information systems projects. This program is guided by several curriculum principles:
  • Designed to educate management-oriented, technically proficient information systems professionals.
  • Focused on requirements engineering and other stages of system life cycle requiring heavy involvement of systems analysts rather than on technical implementation stages.
  • Complements a thorough understanding of business operations covered in the core undergraduate business curriculum. This combination of competencies is particularly important for systems analysts and makes this program distinct from programs in computer science.
  • Designed according to current technological trends and is flexible to accommodate its adjustment as stipulated by rapidly changing and evolving information technologies.
  • Includes sufficient training in technology skills in high demand to make graduates easily employable and immediately productive.

In this program, students will acquire:

  • A broad understanding of information technologies and their utilization in private and governmental organizations
  • An in-depth understanding of information systems life cycle and the nature of related phases and tasks from initial study through post-implementation support
  • A thorough understanding of system requirements elicitation, analysis, documentation, validation, and management
  • Ability to work with users and builders of information systems
  • An understanding of information systems project management
  • Ability to develop prototypes using visual programming technology
  • Ability to identify organizational data and to design and manipulate databases
  • Ability to integrate technical knowledge and understanding of business operations
  • Experience working on team projects
Business Core Requirements​ 66 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 80 hours
​Major Requirements 26 hours
​Open Electives 20 ​hours
​Total hours required 192 hours