Course Requirements

*IT 394 is the first of a two course sequence (8 credit hours). It counts for both the capstone and the Junior Year Experiential Learning. The second course in the sequence is IT 395. Both quarters must be completed to receive any credit.  

Concentration Requirements

Students must also complete the requirements from one of the following concentrations: Standard or Web Development.

Degree Requirements

Students in this degree must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 192 credit hours (generally 48 courses) 
  • Earn a grade of C- or higher in WRD 103, WRD 104, and all Major and Minor courses
  • Earn a grade of D or higher in all other Liberal Studies and Open Elective courses
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

CSC 378


This is the first course in a two-quarter sequence (winter/spring) for CTI students that satisfies both the Senior Year Capstone requirement and the Junior Year Experiential Learning requirement. The second quarter will be a special section of CSC 399. You will earn four quarter hours of credit for each quarter for a total of eight quarter hours of credit. You must complete both quarters to receive any credit. We work with a community service organization, chosen with help of the Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning. As a community-based service learning course, students will have the opportunity to assess urban community needs in technology, and use problem-solving methods and strategies to make a substantial difference in an inner-city community group, usually by developing an application or a web site.

IS 280


Development of professional communication and collaboration skills for the global IT workplace. Students cultivate proficiency with traditional in-person and electronic communications, modeling the conflict resolution, personal initiative, and personal presentation behaviors necessary for career advancement. Students become comfortable users of virtual communication and collaboration toolsets such as VoIP, collaborative editors, web presentation software, virtual team portals, and virtual scheduling tools. PREREQUISITE(S): WRD 104. For students required to take LSP 120, it is also a prerequisite.

A&S 491


This course concerns theoretical concepts and empirical research relating to administrative behavior in organizations with special reference to educational organizations. Concepts are examined within the typical decisional framework of supervisors, chief school business officers, principles, and superintendents, and similar positions in the helping professions. Assignments are individualized.
Status as an Advanced Masters Education student is a prerequisite for this class.

CSC 399


Independent study supervised by an instructor. Independent study form required. Can be repeated for credit. Variable Credit. PREREQUISITE(S): None.