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Autumn 2017-2018

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May 15, 2017

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​The Comparative Literature minor enables students to study the history, theory, and criticism of literature across national, linguistic, and disciplinary boundaries. It is designed for students who combine the drive and the ability to master foreign languages with a strong commitment to theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches to literature. Students must do a substantial portion of their work in at least one foreign language. Although students will take many of their courses in the departments of their elected literary fields, the program in comparative literature is distinguished from national literature departments by its comparative scope and by the requirement of seminars that focus on fundamental theoretical questions regarding the nature of literature and literary inquiry. The requirements for the minor are designed to allow each student to follow a course of study that combines intellectual rigor with the pursuit of personal interests.

Course Requirements​

  • Choose one of the following two five-course options:
    • Option One
      • Five Comparative Literature offerings
    • Option Two
      • Four Comparative Literature offerings
      • One 300 level literature offering from Modern Languages in a language other than English