In DePaul's French program, students will study French language, literature and culture. Because French is a major world language with more than 200 million speakers in more than 50 countries, having the ability to communicate in French will provide students with many career opportunities around the world.

Courses in the French major will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Business
  • Cinema
  • Civilization
  • Communication
  • Grammar
  • Historical literary periods
  • Phonology and phonetics
  • Translation

For students interested in pursuing careers in education, the French department partners with the College of Education to award teaching degrees at the middle school and high school levels.

As French majors, students are encouraged to participate in one of DePaul's study abroad programs in order to grow linguistically and expand their cultural understanding of French-speaking societies. DePaul sponsors two study abroad programs in Paris: one at Alliance Française and another at the Institute for the International Education of Students.  It also has an exchange program with Sciences Po, an elite institution in the social sciences. 

Chicago is a culturally diverse city, providing many opportunities to attend French lectures and festivals, dine out at French restaurants and see the work of French artists.

Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 48 hours
​Open Electives 60 hours
   ​Total hours required   192 hours