​The Latin American and Latino Studies program explores the cultural contributions of Latin Americans to the global community and highlights perspectives and traditions that have developed in the region. It analyzes the multicultural character of the peoples of Latin America by calling attention to the complex interplay among Indigenous, European, Semitic, Arab, Asian, and African societies in the region. It explores the profound linkage that has emerged between Latin America and the United States, particularly through the construction of Latino communities in the U.S.

This interdisciplinary program explores the broad dynamics shaping Latin American and Latino experiences and draws courses and insights from the fields of film and media studies, art and art history, geography, political science, religious studies, sociology, history, anthropology, modern languages, international studies, and philosophy. Students interested in a wide range of work requiring multicultural skills, such as education, law, social work, community organizing, and business, will benefit from course work in this program. The Latin American and Latino Studies program also serves to deepen Latino students' awareness of their cultural heritage.

Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 24 hours
​Concentration Requirements ​24 hours
​Open Electives 60 hours
​Total hours required 192 hours