The Latin American and Latino Studies minor will help you explore the cultural contributions of the Latin American community to the global community and the traditions that developed in the region.

​Course Requirements

Core Requirements (2 courses / 8 credit hours):

Areas of Concentration (4 courses / 16 credit hours):

  • Four elective courses, to be chosen in consultation with a program advisor.  Minors are encouraged to take LST 390 SENIOR SEMINAR.  Minors are suggested to focus in one of the four Areas of Concentration:
    • Historical Processes and Interpretations of the Americas
    • Contemporary Transformations in the Americas
    • Cultural Studies of the Americas
    • Latina/o Studies

Study Abroad Experience

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in DePaul's quarter abroad program in Merída, Mexico or one of the university's other short-term study abroad programs in Latin America.

Internship Experience

Students are strongly encouraged to include an internship as part of their academic experience. Internships may be arranged with either a Latino community organization, a U.S.-based organization that focuses on Latin America, or, as part of a study abroad experience, with a public service organization in a Latin American country. ​

Students majoring in Latin American and Latino Studies (BA) are restricted from earning this minor.