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Spanish Translation (Minor)

Course Requirements

  • 4 credits of an advanced language level course (SPN 201 or SPN 202 / SPN 205 or SPN 206 for Heritage Language Learners)
  • 8 credits of required courses (SPN 243 and either SPN 325​) to further develop proficiency in the language and methods of translation from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish
  • 12 credits of advanced elective coursework in related classes.

Spanish Translation Minor Approved Electives

The Spanish program offers a total of eight courses in areas related to business, health, law, literature, media, and community engagement from which students in the Translation Minor could select their electives:

Depending on their level of prior expertise with Spanish, students may need to complete courses at the Basic and Intermediate levels before enrolling in 200- or 300-level language courses. 

Students majoring in Spanish (BA) or minoring in Spanish, Spanish Linguistics, or Commercial Spanish are restricted from earning this minor.