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Learning Outcomes

​Students will be able to:

  • Describe and discuss social, cultural, and historical constructions of gender in local and transnational contexts.
  • Explain the interconnectedness of systems of oppression and privilege, including gender, race, class, sexuality, national, ethnicity, age, ability, among others.
  • Differentiate and compare a variety of theoretical interdisciplinary frameworks within Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Identify and explain women’s accomplishments, conditions, and contributions within transnational contexts across a spectrum of disciplines.
  • Distinguish diverse human experiences regarding a construction and negotiation of gendered identities and expressions.
  • Construct socially responsible ethical frameworks that are informed by historical consciousness of transnational contexts.
  • Apply information about cultural, historical, social, and economic diversity to an assessment of their own position within structures of inequality.
  • Critique and analyze concepts, as well as exhibit creative and holistic problem solving skills.
  • Discuss the meaning and demands of interdisciplinary research methodologies, interpreting information and how questions are posed, how arguments and discourses are constructed, and how research and other scholarly endeavors proceed in the field of Women’s and Gender studies.
  • Explain the various ways in which women’s and gender related movements have contributed to social change.
  • Discuss the links between scholarship and activism, and apply this knowledge to issues of social justices and social transformation.