The Bachelor of Arts in WRD focuses on the development and expression of ideas in writing—the very foundation of the liberal arts, and more broadly, contemporary democratic culture.  Our lives are increasingly mediated by digital technologies that use writing to organize sound and image in interactive spaces like the World Wide Web.  And through text messaging, email, and social networking, individual identity and interpersonal relationships are progressively bound up with writing.  At the same time, we face growing demands for communicating across national, cultural, and linguistic borders, requiring us to rethink many assumptions we may have about written communication and expression.  

WRD majors explore theories of language, rhetoric (how to make effective choices as writers), and discourse (the way writing structures human activity) as they develop understanding of the role of the individual writer within communities of writers.  They write in a great variety of contexts and genres in preparation for a full range of dynamic and rewarding careers grounded in written communication.  

WRD faculty members are published specialists in the fields that make up writing studies—rhetoric, technical and professional writing, new media studies, and linguistics—allowing students to learn from leading scholars.

Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 56 hours
​Open Electives 52 hours
​Total hours required 192 hours