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Communication and Technology (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Technology prepares students to live and work in the modern environment. The program, housed in the College of Communication, allows students of communication and technology to weave together an academic curriculum across three colleges that will prepare them to use communication technology with critical understanding and engage in communication practices thoughtfully, responsibly, ethically, and skillfully. Students will have the opportunity to take courses that provide access to DePaul's green screen studio control room, editing suites, digital equipment facility, and data analytics technology. Students can choose from over 20+ digital skills offerings including photojournalism, digital advertising, graphic design, digital cinema production, or digital storytelling. In addition, students complement their skills by completing courses focused on social media, the cultural impact of technology, and/or communication, technology, and ethics. ​

College Core Requirements​ 16 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 40 hours
​Open Electives ​52 hours
192 hours