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Communication Studies (BA)

The College of Communication offers a variety of courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. The program explores effective and participatory communication in interpersonal, small group, public, organizational, intercultural, rhetorical and performative contexts. Through a blend of theory and practice, students are encouraged to think, speak, and write clearly; to develop confidence and ability as ethical communicators; to view communication events from multiple perspectives; to understand the multicultural character of communication in contemporary society; to analyze and evaluate variables operating in verbal transactions; to probe the basic problems of human communication in order to understand self, others, and events; and to recognize the connections between communication studies and other disciplines.

Students whose professional goals are in the public, private, or non-profit sectors, such as government, training and human resources, and social and human services are well served by relational, group, and organizational communication, as well as courses in communication and culture, performance studies, and rhetoric. In addition, the BA in Communication Studies prepares students who want to continue their education, to excel in academic or professional graduate programs.​​​​​

College Core Requirements​ 16 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 40 hours
​Open Electives ​52 hours
​TOTAL 192 hours