The B.A. in Relational Communication provides students with a research-based understanding of communication in close relationships. The program, through a blend of theory and practice, helps students identify, analyze and meet the challenges of communicating effectively among individuals in both personal and professional relationships. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate, develop, and maintain relationships.  Students will also learn how to accomplish a wide range of interpersonal goals such as persuasion, conflict resolution, and establishing trust, just to name a few.

The curriculum is both deep and broad, enabling students to gain practical expertise in their area of interest while gaining a working knowledge of related areas. Students learn to express themselves well in oral and written communications, to think critically about communication events all around them, to develop skills valuable in the workplace, and to communicate effectively in a diverse world.

College Core Requirements​ 16 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 40 hours
​Open Electives ​52 hours
192 hours