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Neuroscience (BS)

​Neuroscience is an integrative major that draws on existing courses from the natural, computational, and social sciences, as well as specific courses unique to the field of Neuroscience. Neuroscience has quickly become one of the fastest growing areas of study in both the natural and behavioral sciences.  Its multidisciplinary nature attracts individuals not just from biology and psychology disciplines, but also from fields such as philosophy, anthropology, economics, mathematics and computer science.

Neuroscience majors are interested in studying the brain and nervous system in multiple different ways.  Neuroscience majors consider fundamental concepts that underlie the function of the nervous system on a cellular and molecular level, how the nervous system produces behavior and cognition, and the role of computer science and mathematics in new technologies and therapies in neuroscience. Neuroscience majors have the option of concentrations in cellular/molecular, behavioral/cognitive or computational neuroscience to deepen their understanding and prepare for careers in these subfields.  Additionally, Neuroscience majors can apply their knowledge of the nervous system to human health and disease and pursue professional programs in health, mental health, medicine, law, business, and computer science.  ​

Liberal Studies Requirements 68 hours
​Major Requirements 44 hours
Major Concentration Requirement​s ​48 hours
​Open Electives 32 hours
​Total hours required 192 hours