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May 15, 2017

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​The Bachelor of Arts in Computing (BAC) is a degree offered jointly by the School for New Learning (SNL) and the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) at DePaul University. This degree has been designed to prepare adults for computer related careers and graduate programs in Computer Science or Digital Media. Instituted in 1996, the BAC program has remained on the cutting edge of preparing students to work and study in a variety of technology fields. The program is open to students aged 24 or older.

For those who have a great deal of knowledge and background in computing, the BAC program offers the opportunity to fulfill requirements through documentation of that experience and through ongoing projects completed in the workplace. For those who have little experience with computing, all requirements can be completed as course work. In either case, the BAC offers the flexibility and individualized learning approach of SNL while focusing on the latest technology, theory and content provided by CDM.

BAC students also work with the CDM Professional Advisors to define and plan their focus area requirements within the program. Students may elect to design an individualized computing related focus area that reflects their unique backgrounds and career interests or they may select from Specialized Focus Area tracks offered by CDM. These tracks relate to dynamic and diverse aspects of computer technology and its applications. Students may need to demonstrate or complete certain pre-requisite requirements for some of the Focus Area tracks depending on the student's entry level of competency in that area.

The degree is earned by completing 50 competency requirements. Competency requirements can be met by SNL and CDM courses, equivalent transfer courses with a grade of C- or better or equivalent documented experience. CDM courses are offered at DePaul's Loop campus in day time, evening and weekend sessions and online. SNL courses are available online and at the Loop and O'Hare campuses in evening and weekend sessions.​​​