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Decision Analytics (BA)

Decision analytics is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the collection, analysis and communication of Big Data, a term used to reflect the challenging complexities and dynamic nature of large data sets today. Decision analysts have a keen sense of data and are able to apply critical reasoning to both qualitative and quantitative data in context. They are able to ask the right questions and formulate problems to facilitate analysis. As such, they are able to understand the organization from a systems perspective. They are comfortable learning new technologies in this dynamic field, particularly database, statistical and visualization software. They also excel in working collaboratively, dealing with ambiguity, creative problem solving, and communication skills.

Designed for working adults, the BA in Decision Analytics has a strong industry orientation that is specifically geared to provide students with the knowledge and skills they can apply in jobs they hold today and to enable them to advance in their careers.

College Core Requirements 78 hours
​Major and Concentration Requirements 68 hours
​Open Electives 46 hours
   ​Total hours required   192 hours