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Costume Design and Costume Technology (BFA)

​​The Theatre School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Costume Design and Costume Technology is designed to give students the opportunity to train as costume designers as well as theatrical draper/cutters, crafts persons, and costume shop managers, while providing them opportunities to practice their art and craft. The four-year curriculum, in many ways, simulates a costume designer's, and costume technician's professional experiences and processes. As designers, students learn to visualize the world of plays through the costumes and accessories actors wear, while the technology courses will teach students to turn  those designs into reality. Students learn a variety of design and technical skills including: life drawing, photoshop, media for designers, sewing, pattern making, cutting, fitting, millinery, mask making, etc. They also take a progression of business management coursework. Students collaborate with directors, dramaturgs, other designers and technicians, and our professional costume shop staff in work on productions in addition to their class work. Only students who have completed their freshman year as either a Costume Design or Costume Technician major are eligible to apply for this degree.

Liberal Studies Requirements 52 hours
Major Requirements 208 hours
Total Hours Required 260 hours