Research at DePaul takes you beyond knowledge-building in the classroom to knowledge-discovery across campus, in city of Chicago, and beyond. And research here isn’t just for faculty and graduate students. Our faculty is dedicated to providing undergraduate research opportunities across all 10 colleges.

Thinking about a career in science? State-of-the-art labs and strong institutional partnerships provide ever-increasing opportunities to explore the biomedical sciences, environmental health, mathematical analysis and more.

Is technology more your thing? Chicago’s rich network of businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives provides an unprecedented foundation for collaboration, from software engineering and e-commerce to cinematic studies and animation.

Interested in the social sciences? Research extends beyond the laboratory, whether your goal is to explore literature, jazz, oral histories, behavioral patterns, political rhetoric, or something else entirely.

Regardless of your major, research can play a big role in your education by translating theory into real-world experience.