​The Digital Communication and Media Arts degree will teach students how digital technology has affected communication and artistic practices, and how to effect change in communication and artistic practices through the integration of digital technology. The learning goals for the MA in Digital Communication and Media Arts will be grounded in both practice and theory. By taking advantage of the wealth of courses that focus on digital communication and digital technology in the College of Communication and the College of Computing and Digital Media, the degree program provides students an opportunity to experience and apply digital technology in multiple professions. 

The Master of Arts in Digital Communication and Media Arts integrates multiple topics all centered on the way contemporary technology is changing communication practices, for a truly interdisciplinary degree program. This is a practical degree, in that it teaches students skills utilizing technology, while giving them the critical tools to become better communicators in a digital environment.

Students choose between two tracks: The Digital Communication track is offered through the College of Communication, while the Media Arts track is offered through the College of Computing and Digital Media.

Introductory Courses 0-8 hours
​Degree Requirements ​52 hours
   Total hours required    52-60 hours