Course Requirements

Of the 48 quarter hours of graduate philosophy courses numbered 400 and over (12 courses) required for the M.A. degree,16 quarter hours (4 courses) must be taken in accordance with the following distribution requirements:

  • Two History of Western Philosophy Courses
    • One in Ancient or Medieval: 4 quarter hours
    • One in Modern or Nineteenth Century: 4 quarter hours
  • One Contemporary European Philosophy Course: 4 quarter hours
  • One Normative Philosophy Course: 4 quarter hours 

Course Distribution List

History of Western Philosophy - Ancient or Medieval

History of Western Philosophy - Modern or Nineteenth Century

Contemporary European Philosophy

Normative Philosophy

File Paper Requirement

Each year the full-time student will submit two file papers which will be kept in the student's ongoing portfolio. These papers will be read by a second member of the faculty who will judge whether the paper meets the standards of the graduate program.  The Graduate Affairs Committee will review every student's progress toward the degree once a year, normally at the beginning of the Spring quarter.  Students deemed not to be making satisfactory progress may be placed on probation or required to leave the program. 

Foreign Language Requirement

Competence in one of French, German, Latin, or Greek is required. On approval of the Graduate Affairs Committee competence in another language may be used to fulfill the language requirement if deemed appropriate to the research undertaken.

Time Limitation

From entrance into the M.A. program to completion of the degree, no more than six years.​

A&S 491


This course concerns theoretical concepts and empirical research relating to administrative behavior in organizations with special reference to educational organizations. Concepts are examined within the typical decisional framework of supervisors, chief school business officers, principles, and superintendents, and similar positions in the helping professions. Assignments are individualized.
Status as an Advanced Masters Education student is a prerequisite for this class.
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