The MPH program requires completion of 56 credit hours that includes fourteen required MPH courses, two elective courses, and two zero-credit courses. All MPH courses are offered during the evening. The program uses a cohort-based model in that students are admitted once per academic year and move through courses together as a single group.  Students can complete their degree in two, three, or four years.  Students complete the practicum field experience and capstone course sequence in their last year.

Course Recommendation

Course Requirements

Elective Courses

Two Elective Courses are required at 4 credits each (8 credits total).  In addition to the MPH courses listed below, students are encouraged to look broadly at all DePaul graduate-level courses for their electives.  If students elect to take a course outside of MPH for one or both of their electives, the program encourages students to select an elective course that is aligned with their public health interests and career objectives. Students are also required to write a brief statement explaining why they are choosing to enroll in a particular elective course outside of MPH and submit that statement to the MPH technical advisor.