Course Requirements ​

Social and Cultural Studies Courses: 12 quarter hours required, grade of C or better required

Special Education Core Courses: 32 hours required, grade of B+ or better required

Practicum Courses: 8 hours required, grade of B+ or better required

The program requires two summer practicum experiences. Each practicum involves six full weeks of intensive supervised field experience in a cooperating school that operates an extended school year program. Candidates must apply for each practicum, and upon approval they are placed in appropriate summer practicum sites by the program.  Practicum sites may also screen candidates prior to accepting them for placement. Candidates will assume full teaching responsibility and will have weekly opportunities for feedback and discussion of issues and problems encountered.  A grade of B+ or better is required to participate in each summer practicum.

Licensure Tests

All individuals licensed by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) are required to complete licensure tests specific to their teaching license.  

LBS1 Master’s students must complete the following tests:

  • Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) (test #400) - assesses knowledge of reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math.  ​*Check with your advisor about qualifying for a waiver with acceptable ACT or SAT test scores.​
  • LBS1 Content Area Test (test #155) – assesses knowledge of working with students with disabilities and special needs. 
  • Special Education General Curriculum Test (test #163) – assesses knowledge of reading & literacy, mathematics, natural science, and social science. 
  • Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) (#188) – assesses knowledge of teaching planning, delivery, assessment, professionalism, and technology.  Test is required to be licensed, recommended to be taken before Student Teaching.

LSI 549


A Master of Arts candidate conducts original research, writes a thesis, and presents an oral defense before a committee of faculty members. PREREQUISTE(S): SCG 410 and approved thesis proposal.