Global Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores culture, literature, politics, economic development and international relations of Asia, the Asian diaspora in the world and Asian Americans.

Students obtain a variety of critical thinking, research, writing and presentation skills through in-depth analyses of Asian cultures historically and in the context of current trends in the global economy.

Faculty from American Studies, Art, Media, & Design, Chinese Studies, Communications, English, International Studies, Japanese Studies, Latin American/Latino Studies, Modern Languages, Political Science, Religious Studies, and others teach courses in Global Asian Studies.

Global Asian Studies contributes to developing a fuller and more accurate understanding of global culture, national and ethnic identity formation and examines the particular ways Asian and Pacific Islanders have contributed to society, politics and economy in their home countries, via expatriate networks globally and as Asian Americans in the United States.

Global Asian Studies program is currently a stand-alone minor program within the college of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at DePaul University.

Unique Aspects

The minor program employs interdisciplinary analysis and approaches from the humanities and social sciences. The program faculty draw upon Asian and Asian American communities to combine university scholarship, classroom teaching and experiential learning in local communities and internationally. A Global Asian Studies minor offers students analytic and critical thinking skills and encourages a lifelong pursuit of deep cultural competency about Asia at home and abroad.

Students take two required courses and four elective courses offered under the rubric of Global Asian Studies to complete the minor. Many of our courses can also be taken to fulfill domain credits. Our faculty also offer Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism courses  on Asian American Art, Asian American Experiences in the U.S. and on Immigrant Entrepreneurs, all of which focus on Asian American communities. We also offer several Study Abroad opportunities.

Faculty Highlights

This interdisciplinary minor program draws from over twenty faculty members from across the University to contribute to the program. Areas of expertise include: American studies, pan-Asian American studies, art and art history, Chinese studies, creative writing, cultural studies, entrepreneurship, film studies, history, inter- and pan-ethnic studies, Japanese studies, Latin American and Latino studies, literature, law, media studies, political economy, religious studies, sociology, and women and gender studies.

Program Highlights

In addition to offering courses, which students can take towards the minor and for domain credit, the Global Asian Studies program provides students with quality co-curricular activities.  We bring in speakers and performers of national renown to provide the latest theoretical, scholarly, or popular culture developments in the field of Global Asian Studies.  These co-curricular activities provide a contemporary link between in-class learning and out-of-the-classroom experiences and are open to the public.

Career Possibilities

Global Asian Studies can lead to a number of career paths in law, academia, international business and finance and the non-profit sector.  Global Asian Studies related careers include: advertising, international business, marketing, and public relations managers; arts (visual, performing, literary, music) and media; child, family and school social workers; curators; elementary, middle, and high school teachers; government executives and legislators; historians; human resource managers; postsecondary teachers; philanthropy.

Courses Offered Each Year

Not all the courses approved for Global Asian Studies are offered each year. We seek to offer the two core courses, AAS 200 and AAS 205, at least once per year.  Study Abroad trips are offered regularly. Our approved elective course offerings vary from quarter to quarter. Please refer to the Program Degree Requirements for a complete list of approved elective courses. Refer to Campus Connect and the Global Asian Studies website for the latest offerings.

Course Requirements

The courses above will be cross-listed with the courses below, which may be taken instead for Global Asian Studies minor field elective credit:

Study Abroad

Several programs with trips to Asia are offered, including short-term programs to Hawai’i, the Philippines, India, Japan, Vietnam, and China.