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2013- 2014

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October 15, 2013

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Graphic Art study bridges our two current departmental concentrations (Studio Art and Media Art) as a primarily two-dimensional art, which focuses on the following areas: photography, drawing, printmaking, text, digital imaging, web art, the graphic novel, and the artist book and poster.

​Course Requirements

Students majoring in Art, Media, and Design (B.A.) or minoring in Studio Art or Photography are restricted from earning this minor.

ART 101


As digital media become a requisite aspect of the artist and designer's professional preparation, this foundation level course focuses on building basic skills in the most common digital imaging tools. The course will cover two applications, one pixel-based imaging (Photoshop), and one vector-based imaging (Illustrator). It is designed to give students an introduction to how these applications can be used as ideational tools for exploring visual problems, possibilities and solutions, how they can be used to create digital images for output and how they can be integrated with traditional analog media and tools.

ART 105


Development of perceptual ability through the analysis of two dimensional concepts of line, shape, value texture, color, space and organization. Materials Fee.

ART 106


Introduction to composition , line and rendering in black and white drawing media. Basic techniques for descriptive and expressive use of drawing media. Materials Fee.