Course Requirements

Lower Division Courses

In addition to the Common Core, students take five 100- or 200-level courses, including: 

Upper Division Courses

Six courses from the 300 level, one of which must be a gateway course linked to HST 390.

Additional Secondary Education History Requirement

Students must take two additional U.S. History and two additional non-U.S. history courses split between lower and upper division courses. 

One Additional Course

Students will take one additional HST course in either the lower or upper divisions.

Open Electives

Open elective credit is also required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

Note: out of the courses at the 200- and 300-level, students must complete 2 U.S. courses and 2 non-U.S. courses.

*The Secondary Education concentration is intended to be completed as a double major with the College of Education. Please consult an advisor for more information.