Course Requirements

Internship Credit

Students in the major may take CMN 394, Advanced Communication Internship or CMN 395, Communication Internship Special Topics (when placement relates to the major) for credit. In order to take CMN 394, students must have completed the three communication core courses (CMN 101, CMN 102, CMN 103), two courses in the chosen major and have fulfilled internship program eligibility requirements.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

A&S 491


This course concerns theoretical concepts and empirical research relating to administrative behavior in organizations with special reference to educational organizations. Concepts are examined within the typical decisional framework of supervisors, chief school business officers, principles, and superintendents, and similar positions in the helping professions. Assignments are individualized.
Status as an Advanced Masters Education student is a prerequisite for this class.

JOUR 390


This course is designed for the serious journalism student who wants on-deadline experience writing for The DePaulia newspaper and web site. Students will cover beats of interest to the DePaul community throughout the quarter and also will receive assignments from DePaulia editors. Stories and beats can be as varied as campus news, sports, the arts or news in the Lincoln Park and South Loop communities. Students may repeat the course once for credit. Not available for DePaulia editors.
JOUR 275 and JOUR 278 are prerequisites for this course.