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It’s not only what you think. It’s what you do.

Our professors and students work to find solutions and answers to a range of challenges and questions and to make a lasting impact. Research at DePaul is happening in every discipline from biology to music. And finding and fostering collaborative research opportunities across disciplines is not only a goal, but one way in which DePaul seeks to be innovative.

Student Research

Research at DePaul isn’t just for faculty and graduate students. Our faculty is dedicated to providing undergraduate research opportunities across all 10 colleges.

Taylor, Undergraduate Student

Research: Pairing film and games to illustrate coping mechanisms for mental health problems

Role: Animator + Art Director

“We had a lot of creative freedom, but also had tight deadlines so discipline was important. We shared ideas and gave each other constructive feedback, just as we would in a professional environment.”

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Christopher, Graduate Student

Research: Examining intervention that positively impacts an at-risk teen’s ability to cope with stress

Role: Facilitator

“I’m getting great feedback from the kids, and I love making a difference.”

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Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services’ mission is to promote, facilitate and support research, scholarship, teaching and creative activities. Visit the Office of Research Services website.


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