Graduation/degree completion is the official granting of a degree by DePaul University upon successful completion of all degree requirements.

Degrees are awarded at the end of each quarter. In order to have the degree awarded, all requirements must be satisfied, including:

  • Submission of an Application for Graduation in Campus Connection
  • Declaration of the major (and minor, if applicable)
  • Completion of WRD 103, WRD 104, the Professional Writing requirement and ICS 392 with a minimum grade of C- in each class
  • Completion of all courses in the major and minor field with a minimum grade of C- in each class (even if extra or open elective)
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.000 within the major and minor
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 for DePaul coursework
  • Completion of at least 192.0 hours
  • Completion of the last 60.0 hours of coursework for the degree at DePaul

Posting of all of grades in Campus Connection by the end of the grading period (five business days after the quarter ends)

A student who is nearing the completion of the degree should consult with his or her academic advisor in the Undergraduate Programs office regarding the graduation/degree completion process.