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​The Department of Catholic Studies is intellectual in focus and interdisciplinary in nature. Rigorous intellectual study, a deepened critical understanding and an appreciation of the Catholic contribution to human civilization are its main goals. The program explores Roman Catholicism as a religious and cultural reality that expresses and motivates multiple forms of human expression. All members of the university are invited to participate in the scholarly examination of Catholicism and the development of Catholic thought. True to DePaul’s tradition, no religious test is applied to either students or faculty participating in the department. In addition to the offerings of DePaul University, upper-level students in the program in Catholic Studies are able to take selected courses at the Catholic Theological Union at Chicago. The cooperative relationship between DePaul and CTU opens to students in the program the resources of the largest Catholic school of theology and ministry in North America. The Catholic Studies major is designed to give students with differing learning objectives and career goals maximum flexibility in the design of their Bachelor of Arts degree. In order to ensure intellectual coherence in their program, all students are expected to meet quarterly with their academic advisor to design a course of study, refine their learning goals, and select classes that meet their educational and professional objectives.