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Special Programs


English students may qualify for a variety of internships, receiving significant on-the-job experience in such areas as creative writing, business writing, editing, publishing, communications, non-profit work, and education.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may receive as many as 4 hours of elective credit toward their major, which includes Junior Year Experiential Learning (JYEL) credit.  Students might locate an internship on their own or choose from the internships found quarterly by Prof. Chris Green, Coordinator of Professional Internships in Writing and Publishing.  To earn credit, students will need Professor Green's approval to register for ENG 392/509, an online class designed to complement their internship work.  Students will also benefit from quarterly Career Nights featuring panels of professionals.  ​​​​​

Two-Year College Teaching Internship​

​Graduate students in English or a related field are eligible to apply for an internship working alongside an experienced instructor at an area two-year college. This internship may be undertaken on its own, or as part of the Certificate in Teaching English in Two-Year Colleges. Please contact Dr. Carolyn Goffman for more information about this opportunity.​