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Winter/Spring/Summer 2016-2017
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October 15, 2016

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​The Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research (EPSR) studies the complex dynamic interplay between the individual, society, and sociocultural processes that unfold in multiple educational contexts.  It offers courses examining educational theories, institutions, practices, policies, and human development across the life span, and issues in educational research.  EPSR represents the foundational disciplines of history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and human development as they are related to the study of education.   It also considers debates about investigative methodology in education, and the contribution of research to the understanding of educational and social problems.  Accordingly, its courses examine questions of disciplined inquiry, theoretical discourse, educational and social development, inequality, economic and political change, and cultural identity in relation to formal and informal education, in schools and related settings.   The study of these issues is informed by an ethical disposition that features a critical examination of assumptions regarding norms and standards, and the quest for social justice. The Department provides disciplinary and research course work for students in other programs of the College of Education, while also preparing students from EPSR for positions in, for example, government, service organizations, private foundations and institutes, adult education and training, cultural organizations, as well as for doctoral work in educational policy studies for a university teaching and research career.

The following graduate programs are offered at Lincoln Park:

  • M.A in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education
  • M.Ed. in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education