The Strategy, Execution and Valuation (SEV) MBA concentration is a unique and innovative program for students seeking high level positions in corporate management, management consulting, investment banking, private equity and entrepreneurship.  In this program, you will study the strategy, strategy execution and valuation of real companies in real time and learn to master the latest strategy frameworks, tools and valuation methods used by leading organizations.  Graduates of the program emerge with highly marketable strategic-thinking skills and a deep understanding of the seamless connection between business strategy, execution, value creation and valuation.
Courses are presented in an executive seminar format and led by a team of top professors, executives and thought leaders.  In these courses, you'll create high-quality professional strategic analysis briefing reports and presentations on high performance companies, which will help you develop strategic analysis skills useful now and throughout your career.  This concentration can be a valuable primary focus of your MBA studies or a secondary concentration that complements MBA concentrations in finance, entrepreneurship or other fields.
In this concentration, you will learn:
  • How to make a significant impact on the future of your organization and career by developing your strategic-thinking skills.
  • How to evaluate and execute business strategies.
  • Leading practices in strategic valuation and practical methods for driving valuations from strategic analysis by using the state-of-the-art tools of investment banks and research analysts.
  • How to use strategy and valuation frameworks in real time to study and understand the performance of innovative high-performing companies.

Career Outlook

This concentration will prepare students for careers in all areas of corporate management, management consulting, investment banking, equity research, as well as prepare entrepreneurs.  Graduates of the program have advanced to upper level management positions in many different industries.
Core Requirements (varies with admission term and prior coursework) 24-48 hours
Concentration Requirements (varies with admission term) 24-36 hours
   Total hours required    48-72 hours