Probation and Dismissal

A graduate student goes on probation when his/her graduate GPA falls below 3.0.  If the GPA goes under 3.0, the student will have one quarter in which to raise it.  At the end of this quarter, if the student has failed to bring his/her GPA back up to 3.0, the student may be dismissed and prohibited from registering for additional coursework.  


Faculty retain the right to define and enforce appropriate etiquette for the promotion of collegiality and civility. Instructors have the right to remove any offender(s) from the classroom. In cases of serious or repeated misconduct, the program director in consultation with the instructor and the chairperson may remove the student(s) from a course and/or the graduate program.

Conditional Admission

In some cases, strong candidates who have not completed the REQUIRED undergraduate credit hours in history and/or students who have not yet demonstrated their strengths in the field may be considered for conditional admission. Students admitted in this category may only take one course (HST 421) during the Autumn quarter. A student who passes HST 421 with a grade of B or above may then continue in the program but must receive grades of B or above in the next two graduate colloquia that he or she attempts. If the student does NOT receive a B or above in EACH of these three classes, he or she must leave the program.


If a student is dismissed from the program, he or she may be reapply through the formal application process.  All students considering applying for readmission are strongly encouraged to contact the Graduate Director.

Transfer Credit

Upon consultation with the Graduate Director and with his or her approval, students may request that up to 12 units (three courses) of graduate credit earned in other DePaul departments or at other graduate degree-granting institutions be counted toward the MA degree. The Graduate Director will handle such requests on a case-by-case basis. In no circumstances will graduate credit be given for undergraduate coursework or for courses that have been applied toward fulfillment of another degree. Transfer grades from other institutions do not count in the calculation of the DePaul grade point average.

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses are not applicable toward the degree, but it is sometimes possible (at the discretion of the graduate director) for students to apply foreign language courses toward degree requirements.  Students interested in taking foreign language courses that complement their historical studies should contact the graduate instructor prior to enrolling in any foreign language courses.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, students must complete all program requirements satisfactorily. Note that the coursework must be completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Graduation with Distinction

Distinction is based on two criteria: (1) A record of consistent excellence in graduate coursework, generally interpreted as a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher; and (2) Exemplary work on the final paper produced within the capstone seminar as judged by the course instructor and the department's graduate committee, or (for thesis students), exemplary work on the thesis as judged by the thesis director and the department's graduate committee.

Program Time Limitation

Students in an MA program are expected to complete degree requirements within a six-year period from the first registration date for a course in the program.  For students who do not, the department or program director may recommend, on receipt of the student's petition, in writing, an extension of time with or without additional courses, examinations, or other conditions.​​