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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Core - All 7 courses / 28 credit hours: 

Candidates for the degree must complete at least 48 quarter hours of graduate level work in applied statistics and pass two sets of comprehensive examinations. Comprehensive examinations are offered twice a year, at the beginning of the autumn and spring quarters. Students need to notify the program director at least a month in advance to register for the exams. ​

Concentration Requirement​

Applied Statistics students must choose one concentration: Biostatistics, Data Science, or General Applied Statistics.

Computer Usage

The department places strong emphasis on computation and is well supported with equipment and software necessary for research. Computers are used for data analysis and to find solutions to problems that arise in numerical analysis, simulations, and mathematical modeling. The computer packages used in these courses are likely to play an important role in the solution of the problems students will encounter in their places of employment.