This program offers a terminal Master of Science degree which prepares the student for a range of occupations in business, government, and human services, but excludes the provision of clinical services. In addition, it provides the student with the basic knowledge and skills appropriate for a graduate education which may serve as a foundation for programs offering doctoral training.
The Master's program has two goals. The first is to provide the student with sufficient breadth in the methodology and content of psychology to demonstrate competence in two major areas: (1) Core areas of the discipline of psychology; and (2) Methods of the discipline of psychology. A second goal of the program is to provide the student with sufficient information and skills to apply the knowledge of the discipline competently in their daily lives and careers. This includes course work in the theory and techniques of the application of psychological principles, and also includes a thorough grounding in ethical and professional standards of psychologists. Although the program builds upon a core of basic courses, it provides some flexibility for students (with the approval of their advisors) to shape their course of study to fit special interests and needs.
Core Requirements 40 hours
Elective Requirements 8 hours
   Total hours required    48 hours