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Game Design (BS)

​A game designer conceives and crafts the rules, structure and experience of a game. The game design degree equips students to become the next generation of creative leaders in the growing field of games. Throughout the program students will explore and push the boundaries of games as expressive and artistic media. They will develop skills for each phase of the game design and development cycle including ideation, iteration through the creation of multiple playable game builds (including prototypes), and reflection on the effectiveness of their designs using playtesting and written evaluations. Students will also develop skills and confidence in reading, writing, and modifying computer programs and scripts. Students will collaborate in interdisciplinary teams with programmers, artists, producers, writers, and audio designers. This program has an emphasis on building a portfolio of games and advancing the medium of games through experimentation and innovation.

Liberal Studies Requirements 76 hours
​Major Requirements 100 hours
​Open Electives 16 hours
​Total hours required 192 hours