Course Requirements

Major Field Electives

Development Focus Electives

Design Focus Electives

Additional Electives

    Open Electives

    Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

    IT 130


    An introduction to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and web development for students with a strong interest in technology. Students will create interactive web pages by writing HTML and CSS and by programming in JavaScript. Topics include the origins of the web, the roles and operations of web browsers and web servers, interacting with web applications through forms, and using style sheets to separate document structure and document formatting. PREREQUISITE(S): NONE.

    IIT 211


    The scientific principles determining the structure of metallic, polymeric, ceramic semiconductor and composite materials; electronic structure, atomic bonding, atomic structure, microstructure and macrostructure. The basic principles of structure-property relationships in the context of chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of materials. (Taught at Illinois Institute of Technology as MS 201.)

    IIT 212


    Basic experiments with analog and digital circuits; familiarization with test and measurement equipment; combinational digital circuits; familiarization with latches, flip-flops, and shift registers; operational amplifiers; and transient effects in first-order and second-order analog circuits; PSpice software applications. (Taught at Illinois Institue of Technology as ECE 212)

    IIT 330


    Introduction to applications of measurement instrumentation and design of engineering experiments. Generalized characteristics of sensors and measurements systems. Signal conditioning and computer-based data acquisition and analysis. Measurement of motion, force, strain, torque, shaft power, pressure, sound, flow, temperature and heat flux. Design of experiments proposals. Team-based projects addressing application of engineering measurements to a variety of engineering problems. Effective communication of experimental results. (Taught at Illinois Institute of Technology as MMAE 430.)

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