The B.A. in Organizational Communication explores effective and participatory communication across organizational contexts. Students are encouraged to identify and explain theoretical frameworks operative in organizational and group communication; apply multiple theoretical perspectives to a variety of organizational and group contexts and events; express ideas and information competently in written or oral form with clarity and organization; appraise similarities and differences among multicultural and global communication contexts and events; formulate appropriate communicative messages for group and organizational effectiveness.

The curriculum is both deep and broad, enabling students to gain practical expertise in their area of interest while gaining a working knowledge of related areas. The curriculum focuses on ethical practice and the convergence of traditional and new media, preparing students for professional practice in an evolving marketplace. Students learn to express themselves well in oral and written communications, to think critically about communication events all around them, to develop skills valuable in the workplace, and to communicate effectively in a diverse world.​​​​

College Core Requirements​ 16 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 84 hours
​Major Requirements 40 hours
​Open Electives ​52 hours
192 hours