The Allied Health Technologies program has two concentrations that are offered in conjunction with Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH): Nuclear Medicine Technology or Radiation Therapy. These programs require three years of study at DePaul University and the fourth year, if accepted, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Entry into the fourth year is on a competitive basis. The three years of study at DePaul include 12 credits each of General Biology, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, and 8 credits each of Physics and Calculus. These concentrations will also include 72 credits of the required Liberal Studies Courses (The Junior Year Experiential Learning course is taken at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as part of a clinical practicum). One of the Liberal Studies Domain courses should be in speech or communications, and one should be in some field of ethics, preferably bioethics.  Students interested in either of these concentrations should contact the Program Director for additional information guidelines.

Biological Sciences Core

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Courses

After the three year program of study at DePaul the student will apply to Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) to take approximately 42 quarter hours of core study and practicum at the Hospital (4 credits count towards the Experiential Learning requirement), along with taking a 4 quarter Capstone course at DePaul. Students should be aware that entrance into the fourth year at NMH is on a competitive basis. If not accepted into the fourth year at NMH, students complete their degree in Biological Sciences at DePaul. 

Open Electives 

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours. 


CHE 234


Third in a sequence of courses designed to investigate what organic chemistry is and how it works, by emphasizing the relationship between structure and function of organic molecules. Specific topics investigated include the reactivity and synthesis of carbonyl compounds; amines; and bio-molecules.Formerly CHE 175LEC. CO-REQUISITE(S): CHE235; PREREQUISITE(S): CHE232 and CHE233.
CHE 232 and CHE 233 are a prerequisite and CHE 235 is a corequisite for this class.

CHE 235


Laboratory to be taken in conjunction with CHE234. Formerly CHE 175LAB. CO-REQUISITE(S):CHE 234 ; PREREQUISITE(S): CHE232 and CHE233.
CHE 232 and CHE 233 are a prerequisite and CHE 234 is a corequisite for this class.