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Exercise Science (BS)

The Exercise Science (EXS) degree program includes a knowledge base in the scientific principles that underlie human movement and requires the development of basic skills in exercise assessment, prescription and programming in healthy and special populations, performance enhancement, prevention and treatment of sports injuries, nutritional principles applied to exercise and sport, patient/client interpersonal relations and professional ethics and behavior. 

Students receiving this degree are qualified to pursue careers in areas such as cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, corporate fitness, sports medicine, community health and wellness, and personal training or can pursue graduate work in numerous fields related to the health, fitness, and exercise sciences.

The American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), as the professional organization that establishes guidelines and competencies for the field of Exercise Science, serves as the guiding professional organization for program academic quality.

Students should meet early and regularly with their advisor to design and monitor their program of study.

Please make sure you consult the Liberal Studies Requirements, Major Requirements, Concentration Requirements, and College Core Requirements for full degree requirements.​​​

Liberal Studies Requirements 78 hours
​Major Requirements 98 hours
Open Electives
16 hours
​Total hours required     192 hours