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Arts and Literature

Courses in the Arts and Literature domain ask students to extend their knowledge and experience of the arts while developing their critical and reflective abilities. In these courses, students interpret and analyze particular creative works, investigate the relations of form and meaning, and through critical and/or creative activity, come to better understand the original audience that witnessed a work of art and how its meaning and significance changes over time. These courses focus on works of art or literature, however the process of analysis may include social, cultural, and historical issues. Genres covered in this domain include literature, the visual arts, media arts, the performing arts, music, and theater.

Learning Outcomes

​Students will be able to:

  • Explain, in well-written prose, what a work of art is about and/or how it was produced
      • Articulate and explain the “content” of that work and/or its methodology of production.
  • Comment on the relationship between form and content in a work.
      • How does the 14-line sonnet both enable and inhibit its practitioner, for example?
      • What are the generic expectations of a particular form?
      • How does an artist complicate, enrich, or subvert such expectations?
  • Assess the formal aspects of their subject and put those qualities into words, using, when appropriate, specialized vocabulary employed in class and readings.
  • Contextualize a work of art.
      • Do so with respect to other works of art in terms of defining its place within a broader style or genre.
      • Contextualize a work of art in terms of contemporaneous aesthetic, social, or political concerns, discussing how these might shape the work’s reception and how that reception might differ amongst various peoples and historical periods.


Below please find examples of courses previously offered for arts and literature credit. For information on current offerings, please consult campus connection.

African & Black Diaspora Studies

American Studies


Art Media and Design

Catholic Studies

Comparative Literature

Computer Games Development

Computer Graphics and Motion Technology

Digital Cinema


Environmental Studies



Graphic Design

History of  Art and Architecture


Intercultural Communication

Islamic World Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies

Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgender/Queer Studies

Liberal Studies In Education

Media and Cinema Studies 

Modern Languages


Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies


School for New Learning

Sound Recording Technology


Women’s and Gender Studies 

Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse