At DePaul, teaching and learning are our priorities. That might seem obvious, but of the nation's 10 largest private universities, DePaul University is the only one whose faculty priority is teaching. We’re also the nation’s largest Catholic universitycommitted to an educational experience that weaves together mind, place, people and heart.


Academic excellence that translates beyond the classroom
DePaul has nearly 300 undergraduate majors and graduate programs, and is known for its high-caliber graduates. Many professors are working in Chicago as consultants, researchers, lawyers and entrepreneurs, and their teaching style incorporates real-world experience. The world is brought into the classroom, and the classroom is taken out to engage the world, where students are considered partners in research and community action.


Campuses connected to a world-class city
DePaul has one campus in the heart of Chicago's business district, another in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and two in surrounding suburbs. Chicago itself is an ideal classroomso we take full advantage of it, for everything from research and internships to museums and service-learning opportunities. With more than 100,000 alumni in the metropolitan area, students make connections that impact their education and provide future career opportunities.


Engaging professors who focus on students
Students describe our professors as personable and engaging, because they actually get to know them—more than 98 percent of all classes are taught by faculty members, not teaching assistants. With fewer than 40 students in the average class, our faculty know the names, concerns and goals of individuals. In other words, they care.

A global society on campus
We are the largest Catholic university in the country; we’re also widely known for welcoming students and employees from all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. By nurturing diversity and being intentional about incorporating multiple viewpoints into academic and student life, we provide learning experiences that better reflect and prepare students for the world.


A history that inspires us to serve
Saint Vincent de Paul lived a life dedicated to inclusiveness and serving others, which inspires us to take meaningful action both on and off campus. We have more than 45 specialized centers and institutes focused on addressing social justice issues, and our faculty is committed to integrating service opportunities into the curriculum. This combination takes learning to a whole new level: During our students' time at DePaul, they don't just do, they also understand.