Steps to Success

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How does a DePaul education translate to a successful career?

There's no one way to have a successful career — but there's lots to consider along the way. Here's what our students recommend you take advantage of during your time at DePaul.

"It's never too early to get involved and take on leadership opportunities."

Keep an open mind

during class trips, service initiatives and seminar courses. Your intended major may change.

Connect with your professors

They have years of experience and are key to finding internships and jobs.

Do research

There are opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students at DePaul.

Network, network, network

Your classmates could become your colleagues. Networking with everyone is critical.

"Working part time allows me to get the experience that a lot of companies are looking for when I'm out of school."

Build your portfolio

through class projects that require case studies and pro bono work for real companies or nonprofits.

Learn from decision-makers

CEOs, CTOs and founders will come into your classroom to share their knowledge with you. Don't be afraid to talk to them.

Don't let December Intercession go to waste

Find a six-week internship or part-time position that could carry over into the academic year.

"During my four years, I wasn't trapped on a campus. I was on the train traveling to different neighborhoods seeing aspects of our world."

Build a profile on Handshake

to have internships and jobs delivered in your newsfeed. You'll be glad you did.

Study abroad

Learn about global communities and how to navigate cultural and communication differences.

Take advantage of our quarter system

Do an internship in the fall, winter, spring or summer.

Visit Fortune 500 companies on class trips

Who knows, maybe you'll meet your future boss.

"Get involved with the Career Center on campus as soon as possible, and get involved on campus in your first year. It will make building a resume and applying for jobs four years from now much easier."

Learn more from the DePaul Career Center

Working with people, professionals and companies in Chicago will affect and shape your world view.

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